Harnessing Volatility

Volatility is the single most consistent behavior accompanying spikes in uncertainty – especially during stock market declines. Orbital exploits the relationship between single-stock volatility and price direction, generating absolute returns.
Bringing a rigorous engineering mindset to capital growth and preservation,     we value repeatability, durability, and transparency.

Our Story

Building for Uncertainty

We come from an industry where you cannot manage risk with a stop-loss, and being wrong 0.1% of the time results in mission failure. We built systems to succeed in aerospace's toughest challenges, with zero tolerance for error.


As engineers, we view markets as a highly unpredictable environment, driven by many dynamic forces that change rapidly. We take an engineering approach to managing risk and profiting from volatility in the face of uncertainty.


In building Orbital, we left remarkable jobs at the cutting edge of our field, to build a business in the most dynamic and challenging environment on earth - financial markets.

Orbital Team

Bryan Gardner

Managing Partner

Former propulsion engineer working for Elon Musk at SpaceX, developing the initial Dragon vehicles. Transitioned to founding Orbital Capital in 2012. Technical background in control system automation. Accomplished rock climber, skier, and published author.

MS Aerospace Engineering, MIT 

MBA, MIT Sloan

Dave Butts


Former applied physicist developing quantum guidance and timing technology at Draper Laboratory, for applications such as precision navigation in GPS-denied environments.  Background in algorithms, control systems, and probabilistic modeling.

Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering, MIT

Ph.D. Minor Quant Finance

Rob Cheatham


Former Propulsion Engineer at SpaceX responsible for test automation and component development. Digital animation for Avatar, and precision motion control applications across various software platforms.

MS Mechanical Engineering, BYU

Bertil Schuil


Former CEO of Firgos International, an industrial paper business cover Europe and Asia (sold in 2016). International private investor.

MS Business Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam



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